Church for Sale

Driving back from a solo trip to the cottage in mid April, I noticed a century church for sale in small village. On arriving home I mentioned this to Dreamergirl, more out of trivial interest than anything else. “I had a dream 2 nights ago that we bought an old church and lived in it.” was her instant reply. “We should go look at it! It doesn’t hurt to look.” She pleaded her case.

Dreamgirl has earned her title over the 29 years we have been married. In her mind we have canoed vast miles to go interior camping, explored the North Pole by boat and snowshoe, made millions through each business venture,  and bought a bus to tour as a singing act. Okay, that last one may have been mine but I wouldn’t dream like that without her influence.

Alarm bells screamed in my mind. Too late I replied “I know what that means…” Once we look we will be hooked, it’ll cost more than we plan and take longer than expected. The cork was out of the bottle and there was no turning back. I came up with feeble arguements but she blasted right through them with her dream based logic. She is fast on her feet, I am a slow and steady guy. Finally I sealed the matter with “There is no way we are wasting our time to spend a day driving out to see that church, uh uh, ain’t happening.”

So the following Friday we met a real estate agent at the church and discussed putting in an offer.


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