Sell This House

In order to finance the purchase of the church, we needed to sell our home. Recent news reported that contrary to the doom and gloom predictions for the housing market, home prices were up 18% from 1 year ago. That means that a house worth $400 000 in April 2015 would now be worth $472 000 I really had a hard time believing these numbers. I checked my math a few times. I have taken grade 12 math 3x so I’m really good at math now. We contacted our real estate agent Adrian Gennuso and he confirmed the numbers. Adrian asked a lot of questions about how we would like to list the house and what strategies we would like to use.  We found we were of the same mind when it came to marketing.

We knew we needed to de-clutter. Friends and family helped us pack and load a 26′ Uhaul. We moved our extra stuff to a storage unit near the church because it was not near Toronto so the storage unit prices were reasonable. We filled the storage unit to the brim, spent a night at the cottage, then returned home.

Or home was decorated in the early 70’s and 80’s. One bedroom had large, bright floral wallpaper on the walls AND THE CEILING!!! We decided we needed to strip that to sell the house. The wallpaper came off the ceiling easily, we struggled on the walls, having to saturate the paper to remove it. Our painter came in the next day and spent most of his day stripping wallpaper from the closet. I believe the original owners used scrap pieces and a bucket of glue to paper the small closet. The painter later said it would have been easier and cheaper just to drywall over the whole mess. We also painted the living/dining room, bathroom and main floor hallway. The house was listed on April 22, we had an open house on April 24, 25 and took offers on April 27. This isn’t a blog about selling a home, there are more stories to tell. The winning bid was from a terrific couple, he being the youth pastor of a church we used to attend. I could write a separate blog about that church, but it is a better testimony that I don’t. The house sold $30 000 over asking. Adrian explained that he was not surprised. He had listed our house at market value but people were hot to buy a house and that is how things were going.

The buyers asked for an earlier closing date, we consulted with our church real estate agent who confirmed that shouldn’t be a problem as the church was empty. We agreed to the earlier closing on our house. We packed up the rest of the house preparing to move. Then we hit a snag: The church was so old it did not have a deed. This problem could be resolved but because of the extra work involved, the closing date would not be moved. No problem, summer was approaching and we were planning on staying at the cottage during renovations. Our timeline would be pushed back but we will do what has to be done.

Just a word about stress: I am learning to recognize when I am feeling overwhelmed. It is not wise to ignore those symptoms, just trying to push through and deal with it later. The body has a way of telling us when enough is enough. I am fortunate to have a strong support network, men I can talk to that encourage me and help me see straight when I can’t under my own ability.

My house sold in 5 days. God took care of one of my stressors. He’ll help me through the rest.




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