Spring Has Sprung, The Work’s Begun.

One year ago I made the “mistake” of mentioning to Dreamgirl that I saw a church for sale on the way home from the cottage. We are well into the work now and, as everyone warned us, it is a bigger project than we expected. We hoped to be living in the church by the end of the summer, but the work didn’t start until September. The tin roof that was “in good shape” when we first looked at it, leaks and may have to be replaced. We completed some demolition but reached a point where it was not practical to continue threw the winter.  The foundation needs repair that can not proceed until the frost has left the ground. We removed all of the insulation so the building was not practical to heat. The winter shut down means the team we had assembled to work on the building, who were counting on our project for winter work, have moved on to other projects.  We have some remaining but have some key players to replace.

The engineer sent someone to take measurements and generally survey the church today. Once their plans are complete we can get to work on getting building permits and make some real progress.   In the mean time we will remove the remaining wall boards and start tearing up the floor.

The winter caused the door to the basement to stop closing properly so we are not able to access the basement that way.  I was able to get in through the side of the basement and will have to wait until warmer temperatures before opening the basement door.

Dreamgirl is recovering from our accident and is ready to return to work. The driveway to the church is still covered in ice, I am hoping that will melt away this week. We have the names of several people who may be interested in assisting with the project. Hopefully we can find the right person before they commit to other projects.

The feature pic is the view we have had of the church over the winter, having been living in a house beside it. April moves fast and we hope to be hard into the work in the next two weeks.


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